SPYSQUAD HQ school and clubs program and the perfect option for the classroom or club. Our programs help with pupil engagement, deepen subject knowledge and great for end of topic tests.

All programs are co-designed and bespoke to the class age range and includes clues around the subjects being studied. Each class receives our signature video mission briefs that are personally addressed to the class and from one of our "SPYMASTERS" from our worldwide headquarters in either the UK, USA or CANADA, this helps set the scene and gets the children excited and ready for the upcoming thrills and learning. 

From an escape the classroom type scenario with pupils solving a series of puzzles and clues so that they can escape the building; to the faculty team being infiltrated by an enemy spy ring and where pupils need to use the evidence provided to figure out who the staff member is that is working with the enemy; to a simple festive theme where Santa has recruited us to help him track down his naughty or nice list. Whatever story plot theme you choose, the interactive theatre based activities will be the talk of the playground and staff room for months to come.

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