Everything we thought we knew about magic is all wrong. So wrong in fact, that for centuries (as far back as Ancient Egypt), knowledge of magic has been kept guarded and concealed by a group of elders known as "The Council". 

The Council felt that mankind was not responsible enough to know the truth about magic, or their own magical abilities, because they were too easily corrupted by its power.

Because of The Councils actions, not only have we not known the truth about magic, but we have lost the connection to the innate and magical parts of ourselves. This has meant we have also lost our ability to see all the other wonderful magical and celestial beings that exist here on earth and out in the cosmos. 
If it was not for K-OS (pronounced chaos) also known as KNIGHTS OF SET, a shady group of villainous operatives, intent on fulfilling an ancient Egyptian prophecy that foretold disorder and chaos ruling supreme, where everything good is turned bad, then we would still not know the truth about magic.

But times have been a changing, and the ancient prophecy appears to be coming true more and more each day. The balance of good vs bad has shifted.

K-OS operatives have figured out how to access the magic contained in ancient artefacts,  and are using them to disrupt the balance and order of things, just like the Egyptian God Set wanted, and just like it was foretold.

To track down these magical artefacts and fix any issues that the operatives of K-OS cause, The Council set up a new organisation THE FAM (Tactical Headquarters of Espionage to Find Artefacts of Magic).
THE FAM have four main departments:
M.U.M - Magical Undercover Missions
D.A.D - Dangerous Artefacts Department
N.A.N - New Agents Network
P.A.P.I - Psychological Awareness & Personal Intelligence.

Due to the high number of magical artefacts being uncovered by K-OS it was decided that new agents needed to be trained and so SPYSQUAD HQ was set up to assist in finding suitable recruits. It is hoped that recruits will be able to identify and track down K-OS operatives, as well as learn all about the magic in hopes that balance will be restored.