An evil spy ring called the D.A.B. (Despicable Agents Bureau)  has infiltrated your town and are using your local shopping mall as their base of operations. Their mission objective - take over the world. We cannot not let this happen. Can you help us find the entrance of their secret base by following the clues left for us by our the double agent we have working inside the D.A.B?


Not only have D.A.B taken your shopping mall, but they have also planted undercover operatives within the teaching staff at your local school. Using the evidence and clues that we have been able to collect, can you help us figure out who the fake teachers are? 

We need your help agents, before it is too late!


The D.A.B  is just one of our be-spoke school and live events programs that are written and tailor made exclusively for your event, location and audience. 

From a Christmas themed spy mission for the classroom, to a full clue based scavenger hunt in your shopping mall/town. Whatever the event is, SPYSQUAD HQ can create an exciting game that is not only entertaining  and loads of fun but educational too.


We offer team building games for corporate groups small businesses, seasonally themed games for your village fete or Christmas party, and games for schools and colleges. 

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Please email to discuss your next event.

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