Our Story

From Heartache to Headquarters

It all started when M, my eldest son was 7, and had been experiencing some difficulties and bullying in his school. It was a terrible thing to experience, and being a counsellor I knew that psychologically he was being damaged. He was scared of school and despite school support, things were not improving. My beautiful happy little boy was losing his sparkle and it broke my heart. After lots of soul searching and research I decided to remove him from the school system and home educate him.

Lets Have Fun

To help get M re engaged with learning, I knew that I needed to try something different, and something that was fun. So I set up a spy school where I disguised his learning in fun missions and activities. I thought it would be nice to offer our spyschool out to other home educated families. I was a member of some home education groups on Facebook, so posted about our spyschool as a fun and free project. It was a great success and we had families from all over the world join in. M especially enjoyed receiving communications from the families and their junior agents.

Back To School

We had a wonderful summer, and I loved homeschooling M. After about 9 months, M was ready to go back to school. This was hard, I was not entirely convinced that M was ready for this, but I trusted M to know that school was where he wanted to be and so in September 2015 M started a new school. Now it was time to consider going back to being a counsellor. But something kept pulling me back to our little project.

A Niggling Feeling

I could not shake off the feeling that our spyschool could do wonderful things to help children all over the world. I had always been drawn to working with children, and as a counsellor I had worked within education. A theme that kept emerging, was the lack of knowledge children are given on their basic emotional makeup. What is anxiety? Why do we get anxious? What physiological mechanisms affect our bodies? How can we understand these mechanisms, and what things can we do to manage them? Children need to be taught the answer to these questions so that they can learn to manage their emotions and feel empowered and in control of their lives.

How Children Learn

When I trained as a counsellor, one area I was especially interested in was Neuroscience and the links between the brain and the body. Kind of like an holistic awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. I was reminded that we all learn when we are inspired, or excited by something, and neuroscience was further reminding me that when there is an emotional connection, the learning process is stronger and shapes the actual structure of the brain.

New Headquarters

So from counsellor and homeschool mum, to International Secret Agent, on a mission to use my expertise to create something wonderful, something different, and something that provides additional educational knowledge to complement any existing schooling, be that at home or within the education system. We are now proud to have an international team behind the brand and have directors in USA and Canada.