Our Mission and Values

Our Ethos is to passionately create wonderful learning experiences for children that educate, empower and entertain, with a sprinkling of magic too.


We strive to create content that focuses on teaching valuable skills that will compliment your child's existing educational journey, be that via home education or within the school system. Skills that we believe are essential in order to live a happy and healthy life.

We incorporate contemporary research within the field of neuroscience, and developmental psychology to create our educational content, providing concrete evidence of what works and what is relevant for the educational needs of today, and for the needs of the future.


We believe that children need to be given the right tools, in order for any education to be effective and beneficial. Children need to feel capable and empowered. They need to know they can achieve anything their hearts desire, that they have the power to master anything.

Children also need to know that getting things wrong is a normal part of life, that there is no such thing as failure only things to learn from. Equipped with this knowledge children are once again free to explore the world and unlock their own abilities without the fear of failure getting in the way.


Science has proven that children learn best through play. It is while playing that neurological connections in the brain are formed helping with problem solving abilities for later in life. The more they are used the stronger the connection. This is also true when there is an emotional connection to what they are learning.

Children need to feel inspired and captivated, then learning just naturally happens without them even realising. We all need fun and excitement, it nourishes us and provides release from day to day stresses. So we must also entertain, and we do that too.