The Prophecy


An ancient prophecy, foretelling chaos and disorder destroying our world, appears to be coming true. 

Life is being turned upside down, and inside out by The Back-To-Front, a dark magical spell, that we believe was deliberately cast by a mysterious and dangerous group of individuals (some who hold positions of influence and power) who know magic is real, that they can control it, and who are using this magic to manipulate mankind for their own selfish goals.   This is corrupting the rest of humanity with disorder and chaos; Bad has been deemed good and good is now bad; darkness is preferred to light, and the consequences are now serious enough to put the future of mankind, and the future of our planet at risk.

The prophecy is coming true because mankind has forgotten who they are, and they are a species with amnesia unaware of the magic they possess inside, and because of this lack of insight, they are being controlled like puppets, to do all manner of naughty and despicable things, controlled by a greedy group of influential mortals, who use the ancient magical knowledge for the wrong reasons. And because mankind no longer look up to the Gods and Goddesses for guidance and protection, they have been abandoned, and left wide open and vulnerable to the influence of The Back-To-Front dark spell, manipulated, controlled, and used to cause even more chaos.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the identity of these villains is a mystery, and it seems that they are using the Back-To-Front spell, as a distraction and cover from some other ultimate plan. The only things stopping complete destruction of our world, where evil would reign supreme, and the only ones assisting mankind in their hour of need, is a group of powerful, determined, and dedicated mortals, aka the agents from SPYSQUAD HQ (and their friends and colleagues whom they meet along the way), who have been bestowed with the ancient knowledge, traditions, and wisdom, of the magic of the Gods, and some very special, and talented new trainee recruits who they will teach, aka, YOU! Yes, you are also needed to help us save the world, and we will teach you all you need to know to do this worthy and valuable job!