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Season 3 picks up where Season 2 leaves off with exciting multi-media experiences and interactive role play in our immersive spy story. Your children continue our ongoing spy adventure as we crack the codes, solve the clues, and save the world.

Our single season subscription provides four exciting months of training that include a monthly delivery of the Spysquad training resource box complete with a training manual, case files, and tools or gadgets needed for that month's mission. Recruits also receive four additional digital deliveries that include video missions, debriefs, more evidence and clues, and recaps and updates on events as they are unfolding.

Included in your monthly box are the following:

1 x Spysquad Training Manual with activities, games, and puzzles
2 x Covert SPY Missions
1 x Case File/Dossier
2 x Welcome letters
1 x Letter for Parent/Guardian
1 x Spysquad Sticker

Each subsequent month includes more physical deliveries including gadgets, tools of the trade and mystery gifts; more case files, ongoing clues, codes to decipher, logic puzzles, arts and crafts. Plus additional bonus digital content with our signature mid-month video debriefs, digital evidence and clues and updates on how our recruits are progressing.

This is an auto-renew service and you are free to cancel anytime.
(Please note that not all of the products shown in the photo are included in the first box. Products may vary from country to country, and are not suitable for children under 7 due to some being real gadgets)