SPY TRAINING (physical delivery)
SPY TRAINING (physical delivery)
SPY TRAINING (physical delivery)
SPY TRAINING (physical delivery)

SPY TRAINING (physical delivery)

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Our six unit spy training program teaches your wannabe junior agents all there is to know about being a secret agent

Physical mailings include:

  • Welcome letter & joining instructions
  • Parent letter and instructions
  • Black ring binder
  • Activity and assignment workbook
  • ID badge holder
  • Spy training unit one -espionage the basics
  • Spy training unit two - getting set up as a field agent
  • Spy training unit three - setting up your headquarters
  • Spy training unit four - who are you? All about our identity
  • Spy training unit five - disguises and creating your cover story
  • Spy training unit six - communication 

Unit one explores what it takes to be a spy and where a spy might work; from mystery shoppers and nosy neighbours, to government agents. Each subsequent unit explores a new topic from setting up your own secret spy headquarters, to making and breaking coded messages.

All of our training and missions help increase critical thinking and problem solving skills and link to core curriculum subjects including: Literacy, numeracy, history, geography, science, cultural studies and art.