TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS of MAGICAL EVENTS, aka T.I.M.E is a time travelling espionage adventure, where agents travel back in time, investigating major events to see if magic was involved. 

    T.I.M.E, evolved from the fabulous, creative ideas from college students, on our first collaboration with Cornwall College & the Operation Board Game School 2022 project. One of the winning games was - TIME SPIES, where agents raced across the game board through different time portals visiting historical periods where espionage was needed.
    The TIME SPIES collected items to help them fix the Time Dilation System (TDS) on their time machine, so that they could get back home. As if being lost in time wasn't bad enough, the TIME SPIES were also being chased by enemy agents who also wanted the items to stop the agent's in their tracks.

    We loved this game idea, so taking the board game concept one step further, we decided to create a new product range that is suitable for adolescent players ages 14+.

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