Our spy training program offers an exciting educational adventures, that enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills while providing a fun interactive experience.

SPYSQUAD HQ, is a community interest company and we make it our mission to provide fun, exciting and ethical products and services that are not only educational but entertaining too.  All of our spy training units are written by experienced and passionate educators, and underpinned with current research from Neuroscience and Psychology.

We offer services to in person and via zoom to:

  1. Operation Party Time - Spy Parties at Home
  2. Covert Classrooms - Schools Program
  3. Operation BGS - College Game Designing Program

    We also offer Services for Clubs and Youth Groups and cater for Outdoor Events in town Centres, or Indoor Shopping Malls.

We have a six unit spy training course, that covers a range of core curriculum subjects including literacy, numeracy, science, maths, art, history, geography and social studies.

To find out more please call Agent C on 07512067139.