Our Junior Agents

 Spysquad HQ Junior Agent


Agent M Spysquad HQ UKAgent M is one of our UK HQ resident Junior Agents. M has an active role within Spysquad not only is he our chief gadget product tester, but M also helps out with voice overs on our video updates. Max also provides ideas and inspiration, and helps pack up the boxes that get shipped all over the world. M loves football (soccer), riding his bike or scooter, Pokemon, Minecraft and is great at Math (unlike his mum). M also loves learning all about the new destinations our recruits are located. M's spy skills include technology, stealth, Maths and physical agility.








Agent B is a Junior Agent in our USA Field Office. B has spent years fine tuning her artisticAgent B Spysquad Field Office USA creativity to become a master of disguises. She has an innate ability to blend into any crowd whether it be human, animal, or dinosaur. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures and she’s also an accomplished percussionist in her school band. Agent B’s spy skills include clandestine tactics and code breaking. 


Agent D Spysquad Field Office USAAgent D is a Junior Agent in our USA Field Office. D is a natural inventor and gadget man. He has the McGuyver gene, even though he doesn’t know who McGuyver is.  He is also our resident gamer and loves playing Minecraft and other games online with Agent M. Agent D’s spy skills include audio and video, computer science and technology, and he can slide into any orchestra with his mad trombone skills.




Our youngest UK resident is Agent E. Agent E is also a great product tester and assists Agent E Spysquad HQ UKAgent M with trying out new spy gadgets and mystery items. E also helps pack up the boxes, although sometimes she still struggles letting go of the gadgets and doesn't quite fully understand that they are not all hers to play with lol. Agent E loves unicorns, ponies and being a secret agent. Her special spy skills are tactics and disguises. Agent E loves to sing and dance and we think her cover story will end up being very theatrical.