Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Spysquad?
Spysquad is an interactive educational subscription that is designed to enhance critical thinking, problem solving skills and develop emotional intelligence, self awareness and resilience in children ages 8 and up.

How Does Spysquad Work?
The Spysquad recruits receive a monthly package in the post that contains a full colour magazine/training manual, a tool or gadget, printed materials which inform agents on the ongoing mystery story. Recruits have clues to solve, evidence to analyse and codes to crack. We also provide mid month digital resources, further evidence and clues as well as our signature video debrief

How Much Is Postage?
Postage is free to all recruits in UK, Europe, USA & Canada. Other charges may apply for other regions. Please contact headquarters for more information.

What is the recommended age for Spysquad?
Spysquad is designed for ages 8 and over but maybe suitable for children ages 7 with help from an adult. It is also absolutely fine for whole family to enjoy together.

What topics are covered?
Spysquad covers a new topic each month and topics that will help develop critical thinking and problems solving skills. We focus on fostering a positive healthy relationships with self, others and the environment. We cover emotional intelligence, self care, forensic science, geography, and many more interesting topics, but we can not tell you all that we offer because that information is classified and above your clearance level.

How long does the story last?
Our story line is for a full year but broken down into seasons just like a TV series. The story plot unravels each month with each season lasting four months.

What happens if I join later can I catch up?
Everyone starts with box 1 and the story unfolds from there.

When will I be billed?
For our month to month subscription, billing is on the 15th of every month. If you have opted for one of our pre-pay packages then your payment is due in full at time of purchase.

When will I receive my first box?
We post our boxes between the 20-25 of the month and have distribution from the Cornwall in the UK for all European Recruits. For our USA & Canadian Recruits, shipping is from our American Headquarters in Miami. All packages aim to be in your dead-drop box by the first of the month.

What if my child(ren) need help solving the clues?
At times children will need help solving clues, especially our younger agents, and this is where you come in. We also have a hints, and tips page on Facebook that you can join here

Is everything required to solve the mystery included in the box?
Included in each box are clues and evidence for that missions or task, but the mystery is ongoing over the season.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course you can at any time.

Can I pause my subscription?
Yes you are able to pause your subscription and if you start again you can pick up where you left off. Just make sure to notify us here at HQ that you are a returning recruit and we will take care of the rest.