Today, everything, we thought we knew about magic is wrong. So wrong, that for centuries mankind hasn't even known that magic is real, or that magic was once given to all of us, as a gift from the Gods.

Knowledge of magic has been kept hidden, guarded and concealed since the Uprising of Iunu (Heliopolis) in ancient Egypt, by a group of Celestial Elders known as "The Council." 
The Council ruled, that mankind was not responsible enough to know the truth about magic, or their own magical abilities, because they were too easy to be corrupted by its power.  So the Council removed all of mankind's magic and placed it into artefacts, monuments and buildings, until such time, that mankind could be once again trusted.
Had it not been for K-OS (pronounced chaos) also known as the KNIGHTS-OF-SET, a shady group of criminals, intent on fulfilling an ancient Egyptian prophecy, then we would not know the truth about magic, and we would not have had the chance to stop what is coming.

You see, the founders of K-OS,  accidentally, activated, and then stumbled through a celestial time portal, sending them back in time, to where they witnessed the Council remove mankind's magic. Furious, but without the full knowledge to understand why the council had done this, the K-OS founders vowed revenge, and swore to undo what the council had done. They enlisted local priests, worshipers of the God Seth, and together they figured out a way to access the magic and are now using it to disrupt the balance and order of things. They hope to fulfil the prophecy, bringing Seth, the Egyptian God of disorder and chaos back to rule earth.

The Council realised K-OS may have infiltrated many local, national and international official intelligence agencies, and so created two new organisations THE -FAMILY-BUREAU-OF-INTELLIGENCE, aka The F.B.I, and TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS OF MAGICAL EVENTS aka T.I.M.E
SPYSQUAD HQ helps find suitable recruits to join THE F.B.I. & T.I.M.E to help us identify and track down K-OS operatives, and fix any magical mishaps or time glitches that may occur as a result of K-OS's magical meddling. 

We cannot let K-OS succeed.