Our Senior Agents

Senior Agents of Spysquad HQ

So you might have be wondering who is respsonible for all the mischief and mayhem that has descended upon your house, so let us take a few moments so that we can all properly introduce ourselves, and as you will see we really are an international team of agents on a mission to save the world, teach some amazing skills, and have lots of fun in the process.

So first up is me! Hi there! My name is Agent C, Code Name M2. I am the founder and creator of Spysquad HQ and I am passionate about teaching children all about personal development, emotional intelligence and the power of understanding how amazing our minds really are. I am mum to Agent M and Agent Ellie, I am a counsellor and use my experience both as a mum and as a therapist to create content that is holistic, engaging, awe inspiring and fun.

Spysquad HQ started as a way to help son Agent M, re-engage with learning after some negative experiences within the school system and you can read our full story here. It has since become my third child and we have been able to reach families all across the world in America and Canada and beyond.

One family from the lovely USA have since become very close family friends, and I now have a new business partner and project development manager Agent KC. As if that wasn't amazing enough the universe provided another fantastic new friend from Canada that is now our third partner, writer and copyright director Agent S. We truly are an international team and we all have the same dedication and passion required for supporting, educating and entertaining children.


Code name: Serendipity. Because, that is exactly what led me to Spysquad and the incredible friendship I have discovered with Agent C. Like many spies in the clandestine services, we live on two different continents and have never met in person. But, that has not stopped us from teaming up to create an amazing experience that we would like to share with as many young, creative and resourceful minds as we can possibly reach.

Like Agent C, I am a mom of two precocious and inquisitive agents. My daughter has an imagination that defies limits. On her Christmas list, she included “A Real Spy Mission”. I was torn between pride and exasperation for her imagination. One does not simply dash to Target for “A Real Spy Mission”. But, Serendipity had my back because within a few days, a link to Spysquad was posted on a homeschool page that I frequent. I couldn’t send an email fast enough. Now, I am honored to be a creative contributor, and project manager to this endeavor using my background in art, history, and love of spycraft.

Code name: Wordy. I am a writer, educator and photographer living in Canada. I have had the joy of working with children for over 35 years in Scouting, Guiding, homeschooling, tutoring and many other fun ways. I became obsessed with the topic of Camp X, Canada’s Secret Spy School which led me on a wonderful journey of spy lore and intrigue. It is because of this path that I then became connected with Spyquad HQ and the wonderful agents C and KC.

We are an extraordinary team using our interests and skills to combine fun and learning in a unique and exciting way.