Our Senior Agents


Spysquad is an international, not for profit, kids media company, on a mission to save the world, one spy mission at a time, while teaching some amazing and valuable life skills, and having lots of fun in the process. Through the use of traditional storytelling,  interactive multi-media content, and play based games and puzzles, Spyquad HQ produce an exciting range of educational products and services that enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, whilst also providing a fun and engaging experience for the whole family.

A fellow alumni of Cornwall College, AGENT C, aka THE MAGE, is the founder and creator of Spysquad HQ. After completing her degree in Counselling with Honours, here at Cornwall College, Agent C recognised the importance of psychology and mindset within education and learning, and set out to teach children all about personal development, emotional intelligence and the power of understanding how amazing their minds really are, so that they can live their best life.  Using her training and experience both as a psychotherapist and as a mum, Agent C has created the Spysquad brand, that now has international partners to support in her mission – Educate, Empower and Entertain. And what started as a fun way to help Agent C’s son re-engage with learning after some negative experiences within the school system, has since stretched globally sending spy missions to families all across the world.

USA - AGENT KC, aka SERENDIPITY:  named because, that is exactly what led her to Spysquad HQ and the incredible friendship she discovered with Agent C. Like many spies in the clandestine services, they live on two different continents and had not even met in person when KC was offered a position within the company. But, that did not stop them from teaming up to. KC has a wealth of skills gained from her time working at the Smithsonian Museum, a Private Investigator, and from being married to a US Marine Major.  They have since met twice, once in Florida, and once here in the UK.

CANADA - AGENT S, aka WORDY:  -Agent S is a writer, educator and photographer living in Canada. She has had the joy of working with children for over 35 years in Scouting, Guiding, home-schooling, and tutoring among others. Agent S became obsessed with the topic of Camp X, Canada’s Secret Spy School which led her on a wonderful journey of spy lore and intrigue. It is because of this path that Agent S reached out to Spysquad HQ to offer her support and was warmly welcomed into the Spysquad HQ International family.

AUSTRALIA - AGENT J, aka GADGETS:  -In 2019, after the loss of her dad to cancer, Agent C discovered that she had a half brother on the other side of the world in Australia. If this wasn’t awesome enough, Agent J also had a flare for theatrics and was perfect for a role within Spysquad HQ. Agent J now runs D.A.D aka the Dangerous Artefacts Department, so any missions that involve dangerous artefacts,  then J is on the case!

ENGLAND - AGENT H, aka THE SOURCE: Agent H, a Positive Psychologist and Experience Design Consultant, who has a passion for Quantum and Meta Physics, and is the latest partner here at SPYSQUAD HQ. Agent C and Agent H met online during the first lockdown when she volunteered to help C with her support group helping people suffering with emotional difficulties due to lockdowns. H was really inspired by C and Spysquad H so when she heard C was looking for a partner here in England stepped forward for the role.