Looking for a cool and exciting theme for your child's birthday? Fed up with the same types of entertainment on offer? Want a party that will be epic and the talk of the town? Well you have come to the right place. The SPYSQUAD HQ spy themed birthday party is exciting, entertaining and loads of fun. We start the spy theme off with a video invitation from one of our Spymaster asking your guests to save the date. Your party guests then receive a coded message providing them with the time and location for the party celebrations.

On the day of the party we arrive early to set up our spy gadgets and props. We kick off the celebrations with the birthday boy/girl running security checks of guests with a real security wand. Once guests have been checked and are safe for entry we then get them to complete their spy registration. Finger print cards are provided and recruits are placed into teams. 

We then start their basic training and will teach a range of spy skills, from communication & team work, to physical fitness and code-breaking.

After recruits have taken a break for refreshments we then give them a real spy mission to complete. Our immersive spy mission birthday parties are mobile and portable escape room style games. We have a selection of story based missions to choose from and all include props, evidence, clues and our signature video mission briefs. Can your guests successfully follow the clues, crack the codes to complete the mission?

Let's find out. Call us today for more details on how SPYSQUAD HQ can help you plan the best party of the year!